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Burr Homestead: Adaptive Restoration

2017 | David Scott Parker Architects | Fairfield, Connecticut


The Burr Homestead is an important historical site in Fairfield, Connecticut. Built in 1790 by the uncle of Aaron Burr, the mansion hosted many of the nation's founding fathers, including the wedding of John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy. It was renovated in the 1850's in a Greek Revival style.

Since the 1970's, the house has been owned by the town and used to host weddings and other large events. However, the building had not been updated to meet this new use, requiring the use of off-site catering, portable restrooms, and a large tent at the rear.

This project involves 3 phases, working with the town government to manage funds. The first phase saw new bathrooms, a new interior egress stair, offices, and preparation for the next phases. The second phase is ongoing and will see a new commercial kitchen created. Finally, the last phase will consist of a ballroom inspired by the Greek Revival architecture of the house.

I coordinated surveying of the existing conditions of the house, code and product research, and creation of the construction documents, schedules, and specifications. During construction I attended weekly site meetings, discussing the work with the on site supervisor.

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